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hey guys , we wanna remark that there are many different opinions concerning the truth of climatechange..there are also scientists who state that there isn't a human made climate change.

23.3.09 13:10

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hannah (26.3.09 11:02)
yes I've heard of some of this statemants too, but i just think that these scientists are just too proud too confess that humans are one of the reasons for the climate change....they just cant't admit that humans are not always the good ones ...
i only can appeal to these scientists : come back to reality..

glammyeye (26.3.09 11:11)
the governments only give money to scientists who collect informations about the human made climate change.
in addition al gore made some mistakes ( approved by many accepted scientists) in his film "eine unbequeme wahrheit" the question is in what respect public knows about the real background!

glammyeye (26.3.09 11:16)
before we can judge the people who dont believe in the human made climate change we have to inform ourselves about their arguments!

hannah (26.3.09 11:17)
yes that's true, but i find the arguments of the other scientists more convincing :-)

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