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I think Obama has got some good ideas how to deal with the climate change. He sees that it's a global problem so he tries to work together with other countries.

What i don't like at all is his wish to be the leader....I think climate change is concerning everybody.. on the whole world ... so why should there be a leader?.. Can't all countries discuss on this topic as equals?..

I hate the american claim for leadership....

19.3.09 17:41

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(23.3.09 13:01)
I think you´re totally right, but I think it´s also very important for the U.S., that they´ve got a president, who is really interested in avoiding global warming. Much engagement is better than none, isn´t it?

fabian (23.3.09 13:02)
i agree with hannah that i don't think we need a leader in the climate change discussion... we have to deal with this problem together !!! if we want to be productive we don't need a leader just the same targets..

(23.3.09 13:04)
i wanna add a nice smiley........
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but here anoher information for everybody:
my name is glammyeye and NOT bigglamoureye!(!)

glammyeye (26.3.09 10:59)
i agree that we all have to work together but on the other hand the usa with all its power in the global world have a big influence on other states and as a consequence they have to be a good role model!

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