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The opinion of the US administration about global warming.

In this entry I want to discuss about the point of view of the US administration about global warming.

 The new US president Barack Obama wants to work together with other  countries to save our enviroment but he also wants to be the leader of this project to save the climate the way he thinks is the best.

He wants to work with renewable energies like solar and wind power. Obama also wants to change the opinion of the US population not to drive big cars and not to use air-conditioners as well as he wants so set up CO² restrictions for cars.

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18.3.09 17:03

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Hannah (23.3.09 12:36)
I think Obama has got some good ideas how to deal with the climate change. He sees that it's a global problem so he tries to work together with other countries.

What i don't like at all is his wish to be the leader....I think climate change is concerning everybody.. on the whole world ... so why should there be a leader?.. Can't all countries discuss on this topic as equals?..

I hate the american claim for leadership....

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